What Are Some Pain Symptoms Related to Fibromyalgia?


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People with fibromyalgia may experience chronic headaches, deep muscle pain, tender points on their bodies, and chronic neck or back pain, notes WebMD. The pain may manifest itself as trigger points that hurt and don't respond to pain medications or muscles that feel pulled for no reason or burn and ache with stabbing pain.

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People with fibromyalgia tend to ache all over and suffer from related problems with sleeping and exercising, states WebMD. The constant pain of the condition also causes morning stiffness and daytime fatigue, making it difficult for sufferers to engage in their normal work or family activities. Fibromyalgia patients often have 11 or more of a possible 18 tender points, which are places on the body, such as the elbow and shoulder, that hurt when pressed. If doctors cannot effectively treat the physical pain of fibromyalgia, patients may also suffer from anxiety, irritability, social isolation and depression.

Doctors treat fibromyalgia with medications for pain and may recommend physical therapy, regular exercise and stress reduction, notes WebMD. For patients who suffer from fibromyalgia-related anxiety and depression, doctors may prescribe antidepressants. Research shows that exercise is one of the most important treatments for fibromyalgia, as it enhances the release of the body's natural painkillers, endorphins, that may also help elevate patients' moods.

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