What Is a Pain and Suffering Calculator?


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A pain and suffering calculator is useful in determining the value of personal injury claims, reports JZ Helps. These calculators are often used in negotiating settlements with insurance companies or filing personal injury lawsuits, states accident and injury attorney Anthony Castelli. Calculators combine present and future costs in several areas, including medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment and disfigurement. Future loss earnings cover wages, vacation time, overtime, and fringe benefits that patients are going to lose.

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Pain and suffering involves both physical and mental distress, according to attorney Anthony Castelli. Loss of enjoyment indicates how much everyday activities, such as hobbies, sports and personal interactions, are impaired due to the injury. In very serious cases, a marriage is harmed because of injuries sustained by one spouse, and this loss is included in the calculations.

When an injury causes damage that lasts a lifetime, life expectancy is part of the calculation, Anthony Castelli explains. Sometimes the specific type of injury, such as bugling disk, compression fracture, leg amputation or skin graft, is a component in pain and suffering calculations, says JZ Helps. In addition, certain calculators figure in how much fault the injured person bears for the impairments. If they are more than 50 percent responsible, they typically receive no compensation.

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