What Pain Relievers Can Be Safely Taken for Leg Pain?


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Acetaminophen and aspirin are two over-the-counter oral medications that are recommended to relieve leg pain, as stated by WebMD. Other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, with the generic names ibuprofen, ketoprofen and naproxen are also said to alleviate leg discomfort.

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What Pain Relievers Can Be Safely Taken for Leg Pain?
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Leg pain is attributed to several leading causes, including muscular spasms, injuries or certain medical conditions, such as osteomyelitis, cellulitis, atherosclerosis, diabetes and the presence of varicose veins, as noted by MedlinePlus. One type of leg pain is known as sciatica, which is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve.

Besides taking oral medication for leg pain, home remedies include propping up and massaging the leg, getting adequate rest and applying cold compress. For intense leg pain, a prescription for muscle relaxants or analgesics should be obtained from a medical professional. Steroids are said to relieve leg pain within a day, according to Mayfield Clinic.

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