What Are Some Pain Relief Options for Arthritis in Your Fingers?


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Patients who suffer from arthritis in their fingers can take oral pain-relieving medication and steroid injections to reduce the pain, states Healthline. Hand exercises can help to relieve arthritis pain. Patients can also use special arthritis aids and splints to take the pressure of the painful joints, states WebMD.

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Patients can use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids and analgesics to relieve their arthritis pain, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Biologics, which are newer medications available by injection, are very effective in relieving arthritis pain in the fingers, as stated by Drugs.com. Exercises that can relieve pain include finger bends, thumb bends, table bends and finger lifts, says Healthline. Patients can also relieve their pain by changing their diets and eliminating all inflammatory foods, states WebMD.

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