Why Do You Get Pain in the Pelvic Area During Pregnancy?


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Pelvic pain during pregnancy commonly occurs because hormone levels are changing, ligaments are stretching and organs are shifting around to make room for the growing baby, explains Parents Magazine. Pelvic pain can also occur as the pelvic joints experience pressure from the baby's weight, particularly in the later stages of the pregnancy.

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A woman's body experiences pelvic pain as early as eight to 12 weeks int pregnancy as the uterus expands, according to Parents Magazine. Many women describe the pelvic pain as a cramp-like feeling, similar to pain during a menstrual cycle. Women in their second trimester may experience pelvic pain because the ligaments from the top of the uterus to the groin begin to stretch. Constipation can also trigger pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Women who experience Braxton Hicks contractions often cope with pelvic pain as the pelvis experiences pressure and begins to tighten, according to Parents Magazine. The pelvic pain can worsen when a pregnant woman is dehydrated.

Some women cope with pelvic pain due to an infection or growth in the body, such as an ovarian cyst or a urinary tract infection, explains Parents Magazine. A miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy can also cause pelvic pain. Women should report extreme pelvic pain or pain that persists for an extended period of time to a medical professional.

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