Is Pain Behind the Knee a Symptom of Arthritis?


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Pain behind the knee can be a symptom of arthritis; however, it can also be a symptom of being overweight, having a baker's cyst, having a connective tissue disorder or any other kind of knee injury, asreported by MedlinePlus. To determine whether or not the knee injury is related to arthritis, doctors advise patients to schedule physical examinations.

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Is Pain Behind the Knee a Symptom of Arthritis?
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Most of the time when arthritis occurs, the knee or behind-the-knee area is not the only area to experience pain. People with arthritis experience a wide variety of symptoms, including chills, tenderness, fevers, sharp pains and infections in their legs, arms, knees and back, according to WebMD. Most standard knee pain will disappear within a few days, so problems that persist past this general time frame should be brought to a doctor's attention.

When knee pain first appears, the person should begin taking care of the condition at home by stopping strenuous activities and activities that put additional stress on the knee. Rest is necessary and it is best to raise the knee by keeping it higher than the rest of the body, as noted byMedlinePlus. It is also recommended to follow the hot and cold therapy procedure by alternating cold compresses with heat packs.

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