Is There Any Pain After Radiation Treatment?


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There is usually pain after a radiation therapy, but this typically clears up on its own with time, as stated by Cancer.Net. In some people, pain may develop several months to a year after the procedures. The pain commonly occurs after radiation treatment to the spinal chord, chest or breast.

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Is There Any Pain After Radiation Treatment?
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After completing radiation treatments, it is necessary for a doctor to monitor the patient to see the results of the therapy. Pain occurs after treatment for many reasons, so one must seek medical attention to know the cause. The reasons for the pain may include an infection, pelvic bone changes, bowel changes, cracks in the bones or weak pelvic bones. Pain can also mean the cancer is coming back; this is what many people fear most after the therapy. One can talk to a doctor about the possibility of cancer coming back.

If the pain is caused by a return of the cancer, one may experience it constantly or it may come and go, as stated by Cancer Research UK. The pain can become severe if a person participates in exercises. Painkillers can be used to treat this pain, but further tests may be required to examine the condition.

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