Does Pain After Knee Replacement Slow Healing?


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Pain after knee surgery can complicate healing if the pain is due to other complications, according to Dr. Jonathan Cluett for About.com. Pain is common after knee replacement surgery but usually resolves in a few months if there are no other complications, such as infection.

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Most patients are walking comfortably with minimal assistance about six weeks after knee-replacement surgery, states WebMD. While every patient is different, physical therapy to assist healing may last for one to two months.

While 90 percent of knee replacements are successful and free of complications, 10 percent of surgeries lead to complications, states WebMD. Pain is the most common complaint after knee replacement surgery. A physical exam can detect the cause of pain and rule out more serious complications. Some post-replacement complications include infection, pain around the kneecap and joint misalignment. Loosening or erosion of the implant may occur years after surgery, but this is uncommon right after the operation.

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