What Is the P90X Workout Schedule?


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According to WebMD, the P90X workout schedule is a 13-week home exercise program that prescribes intense workouts six to seven days a week, with each workout lasting about 60 to 90 minutes. The program is presented in a circuit format. Trainers move quickly between exercises with little rest in between, ensuring that the heart rate remains elevated.

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P90XWorkoutSchedule.org details the individual aspects of the P90X schedule. The program alternates between chest & back, ab ripper, plyometrics, shoulders & arms, yoga, legs & back, kenpo, and stretching, adding in core synergistics after seven weeks. There are usually two exercises per day and the combinations are such that the workouts scheduled on specific days of the week, such as Monday or Tuesday, are never the same in consecutive weeks.

WebMD provides further insight into the specific exercises featured in P90X workouts. For example, the "chest & back" DVD is a 53-minute workout that includes variations of push-ups with different hand formations and uses resistance bands to work the back muscles with pull-ups, pull-downs and rowing exercises. The "plyometrics" DVD is the most intense in the P90X system. At 59 minutes long, this cardiovascular routine leads trainers through a series of jumping moves, mostly working the lower body and abs.

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