What Are Some Facts About the P90X Diet?


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The P90X diet consists of three phases. Phase one is the fat-shredder phase, phase two is the energy-booster phase and phase three is the endurance-maximize phase. As of 2014, the P90X diet has been revamped and upgraded to a newer format titled the P09X2 plan. Both plans are designed to help dieters lose weight and build muscle.

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Phase one of the P90X plan is designed to help kick start the fat burning process. It consists of the lowest number of calories consumed in any phase of the diet. High-protein foods are emphasized, while carbohydrate intake is very limited.

Phase two of the plan allows for the incorporation of complex carbohydrates to aid in energy required to exercise and build muscle. The dieter is allowed to consume up to three servings of complex carbohydrates. Examples of these foods include whole wheat bread or pasta. The amount of protein consumed remains high during this phase. Dieters can stay in phase two as long as it is beneficial before progressing to the next level, which is designed to increase muscle endurance and muscle mass. Phase three includes protein, low fat and complex carbohydrates in the diet. All three phases of the plan emphasize eating small meals and drinking adequate amounts of water.

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