What Is an Ozone Treatment?


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Ozone therapy treatment is the use of a highly reactive form of oxygen to regenerate and renew the body to enable natural healing, explains the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. Reactive properties of ozone therapy may stimulate the body's ability to remove harmful agents, but there is little evidence that these treatments work.

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Ozone therapy treatment works to disrupt development and spreading of bacterial cells through oxidation, explains the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine. The therapy inhibits the growth of cells when fungi is present and damages virus to cell contact through the use of peroxidation. Ozone therapy treatment is designed to stimulate an increase in oxygen released to the tissues to promote oxygen metabolism. The therapy may also have the potential to increase airway resistance to assist with pulmonary functions of the body.

Ozone therapy treatment is aimed at reducing or eliminating chronic pain by targeting pain receptors in the body, explains the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. The therapy is commonly used in Europe to treat slipped disks in the spine, heart disease, eye disease and cancer, according to WebMD. Abscesses and infections may also be treated with ozone therapy. There is insufficient evidence that these treatments work, but small doses are thought to promote naturally occurring antioxidants in the body to help fight off disease.

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