How Is Ozone Therapy Used to Treat Back Pain?


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Ozone therapy involves injecting a mixture of ozone and oxygen gases into a herniated disk to reduce the volume of the disk and, subsequently, limit inflammation and pain, according to Science Daily. Radiologists use imaging to guide the needle that injects the gas mixture into the injured disks.

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Disks cushion the bones that form the spine, and when they are damaged, they may bulge or break and cause severe, intolerable pain. Ozone therapy is used as an alternative to invasive surgery for treating this condition, Science Daily notes. The therapy reduces back pain by lowering the pressure that herniated disks apply on disk nerves. A procedure that reduces disk volume by 0.6 percent reduces intradiscal pressure by 1 pound per square inch. The mean improvement rate of ozone therapy is 25.7 percent.

Procedures involving the removal of disk material through incisions are the standard treatments for herniated disks, states Science Daily. Minimalistic alternatives such as ozone therapy can relieve this pain and achieve the same outcomes without the risk of causing irreparable damage. The complication and recovery rate associated with ozone therapy is shorter than that associated with surgical procedures. In some cases, the pain caused by a herniated disk may ease over time and the affected person may not need medical care.

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