What Is Ozone Therapy Treatment?


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Ozone therapy is a form of treatment that attempts to increase the presence of certain antioxidants in the body through the administration of ozone, WebMD explains. It is used to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, heart disease and tooth cavity. As of 2015, extensive evidence supporting the effectiveness of ozone therapy is lacking.

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The side effects of ozone administered in small and monitored amounts for medical purposes have not been fully examined, WebMD states. Injected ozone is unsafe, and patients are strongly advised to avoid any form of ozone therapy that relies on this. Ozone is considered harmful to most living creatures in significant quantities, and inhaling a large amount of ozone is potentially very dangerous.

There is insufficient evidence to prove the effectiveness of ozone therapy in halting the progress of tooth decay or remineralizing teeth, the American Dental Association notes. Although there are some encouraging cases in medical literature, the overall body of evidence is inconclusive. A 2010 ADA review surveyed six clinical studies with varying types of tooth decay, evaluation timeframes and possible outcomes, and it found no systematic improvement from ozone therapy. Additionally, the authors of the review noted that no evidence was found for the effectiveness of ozone as a disinfectant or antimicrobial agent in oral surgery.

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