What Is Ozone Therapy?


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Ozone therapy is the use of ozone to treat certain illnesses such as heart attacks, Parkinson's disease, cancer, ulcers and macular degeneration, according to WebMD. Ozone therapy is a common practice in Europe.

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Wikipedia notes that ozone therapy is considered an alternative form of medicine. Ozone is usually mixed with liquids and gases for injection. Another method is known as autohemotherapy, which is the process of drawing blood and exposing it to ozone for reinjection.

WebMD mentions that ozone therapy also treats infections and abscesses, and it is used to prevent the progression of dental cavities. Experts theorize that cancer cannot survive in places with high amounts of oxygen, which is why injecting the body with ozone can have positive effects on cancer patients; however, high doses can be toxic to living organisms when the chemical is inhaled from dirty air, and it is an environmental pollutant. Ozone itself is a natural chemical that consists of three oxygen-based atoms. It has powerful oxidizing properties, and some believe the chemical invigorates antioxidants in the body and fights cancer. Ozone therapy is not safe when it is administered through intravenous feeding or injection. This form of ozone therapy can lead to blood clotting in the lungs, possibly resulting in death.

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