How Do I Ovulate With One Fallopian Tube?

It is possible to ovulate and get pregnant with one fallopian tube if the tube has a corresponding ovary, according to Mayo Clinic. The ovulation process is the same as when a woman has two fallopian tubes.

Each month, fertile women go through ovulation, explains Mayo Clinic. During this process, the ovaries release an egg, which travels down the tube. When it does this, it may meet sperm, become fertilized and lead to a pregnancy. This process usually happens around two weeks before a period is due, states WebMD. As ovulation takes place in the ovaries, a fallopian tube is not needed for the process to happen. However, if the egg is to become fertilized, a healthy fallopian tube is required.

Whether a woman gets pregnant following ovulation depends on the health of the remaining tube, explains WebMD. If a woman experiences scarring in the tube, it may be necessary to use fertility treatments to make pregnancy possible. Women with one fallopian tube who are unable to get pregnant after two years of trying should consult a gynecologist, recommends Mayo Clinic. Women who successfully get pregnant and are at risk of an ectopic pregnancy may require specialist monitoring during their pregnancy, according to WebMD.