What Is Overnutrition?


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According to IvyRose Holistic, overnutrition refers to the excessive consumption of one or more parts of a healthy diet, resulting in adverse effects on the health of the person involved. Just like undernutrition, this condition can either be general or specific.

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IvyRose Holistic emphasizes that excessive dietary intake can lead to different medical problems. General overnutrition results from the excessive intake of all types of food, while specific overnutrition is due to the excessive intake of just a single vitamin, mineral or nutrient. General overnutrition typically leads to obesity and other serious medical conditions associated with obesity.

The consequences of specific overnutrition depend on the type of nutrient consumed to an excess and to what extent. As IvyRose Holistic points out, for example, too much vitamin B6 can lead to damage to the central nervous system, excessive potassium can lead to metabolic disturbances and heart arrhythmia, and too much vitamin C can lead to diarrhea.

According to IvyRose Holistic, overnutrition can occur when a person has access to only a limited variety of foods. When this occurs, the person may consume too much of a particular dietary component and too little of others. Overnutrition may be also caused by fad diets, as well as by the intake of unnecessary diet supplements.

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