What Are Some Overnight Remedies for Cold Sores?


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Some overnight remedies for cold sores include gently putting a wet piece of cloth on the sores, using mouth rinse with baking soda, using nonprescription ointments, taking ibuprofen and using a soft bristle toothbrush when brushing teeth. In most cases, cold sores appear on the outside of the mouth but may occasionally be experienced internally, according to the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus.

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Cold sores are quite contagious and should therefore be dealt with carefully. People with this condition should avoid getting into contact with those without it. Sharing things like clothes or towels should also be avoided. Since the virus that causes this condition may hide in the toothbrush and cause a recurrence of the condition, changing toothbrush may be necessary after a short period of use.

A person with this condition can get relief from pain at night by placing a wet towel onto the sores to help reduce the swelling and painful sensation. The individual should also use mouth rinse that contains baking soda to soothe the sores. Ibuprofen and certain ointments may also help reduce pain by numbing the areas affected.

To avoid the painful effects of the condition, a person should avoid acidic foods and stay away from too much sunlight, as noted by WebMD. Brushing of teeth should also be done gently by use of a toothbrush with soft bristles.

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