How Do You Overcome a Needle Phobia?


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Dr. Patrick J. McGrath for AboutKidsHealth notes that an individual can overcome his fear of needles by altering the way he thinks about injections, utilizing images and pictures to counter the phobia and handling real syringes for practice. He should also discuss his fear with a nurse or doctor before actually getting a shot.

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By changing how he thinks about needles, an individual can start to develop positive connotations with injections, explains McGrath. Even though injections might hurt, they are necessary for keeping a person in good health. A person should also realize that the fear he associates with needles and injections and his physical reaction to needles and injections causes no harm.

Those with a fear of needles should also print out several images of them, study them and rate them according to how frightening the images seem. This is done so the individual can change his fears into sensible thoughts. McGrath recommends studying each picture for at least 10 minutes until the fear associated with the image starts to lessen. While handling an actual needle might make a person uneasy, doing so can make him feel more in control since the needle is in his hands. It is best if this step is not avoided no matter how much fear and unease it might cause.

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