How Do You Get Over the Flu?


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Generally, treatment of the flu involves bed rest and taking in plenty of fluids; however, antiviral medications like Releza or Tamiflu may be prescribed by a treating physician to treat the flu, according to Mayo Clinic. When these medications are taken soon after experiencing the first symptoms of influenza, they have been shown to shorten the duration of illness and may be helpful in preventing more serious flu complications from arising.

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To treat the flu without medicine, get plenty of rest and drink clear fluids such as water, sports drinks and broth, as recommended by the United States Department of Health & Human Services. A damp washcloth can be used to reduce fever, and a humidifier nearby can help flu sufferers breath easier. A sore throat can be alleviated somewhat by gargling saltwater, and a warm blanket can be used for treating the chills. Cough medicine, throat lozenges, cough drops and decongestants available over the counter can ease congestion of the chest, ears and sinuses.

Pain relievers can be helpful in treating pain, aches and fever associated with the flu, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Antibiotics are not prescribed for the flu or other viral infections, but a doctor may prescribe antibiotics to treat bacterial infections that accompany the flu or that are caused by the flu.

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