What Over-the-Counter Tinea Versicolor Treatments Are Available?


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Treatment of tinea versicolor with over-the-counter products typically involves the application of antifungal shampoos, lotions or creams until the fungal infection subsides. While prescription-strength topical antifungals contain more active ingredients, over-the-counter antifungals have similar effectiveness, explains MedicineNet.

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Shampoos medicated with 1 percent selenium sulfide effectively treat tinea versicolor, according to Mayo Clinic. Brand names for selenium sulfide shampoos include Selsun Blue and Dandrex. The recommended treatment involves topical application for 15 minutes at least two times a week for two to four weeks. Shampoos containing 1 percent ketoconazole, an antifungal drug, are also effective, reports MedicineNet. Brand names for ketoconazole shampoos include Nizoral, RegenePure and Revita.

Antifungal creams can also eliminate tinea versicolor infections. Topical clotrimazole cream is an effective remedy that individuals should apply twice a day for two to four weeks, advises Drugs.com. Brand names for clotrimazole include Canesten and Lotrimin. Another related antifungal medication is miconazole, which those with tinea versicolor also apply twice a day for two to four weeks. Brand names for miconazole include Monistat and Lotrimin.

Finally, terbinafine hydrochloride, typically used for treating athlete's foot, is also an effective medicine for tinea versicolor. Those with the condition should apply it two times a day for seven days, notes Drugs.com.

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