What Over-the-Counter Medications Are Used to Treat Athlete's Foot?


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Over-the-counter antifungal medications such as, Micatin, Tinactan, Lamisil and Lotrimin are used to treat athlete's foot, according to WebMD. These different medications come in topical forms and are rubbed into the skin. Nonprescription antifungal creams cure most cases of athlete's foot and are the first choice before trying prescription antifungal creams.

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If nonprescription antifungal creams fail to treat athlete's foot, a doctor may prescribe prescription antifungal creams such as Mentax or Naftin, which are used on the skin, according to WebMD. In severe cases of athlete's foot, oral antifungals such as Sporanox and Diflucan are prescribed by a doctor, but they are a last ditch effort because they are expensive and carry a heavy risk of side effects.

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