What Over-the-Counter Lotions Can Be Used on Facial Eczema?


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Exederm Flare Control Cream is an over-the-counter medication containing 1 percent hydrocortisone that is specially formulated for sensitive skin and receives the highest rating from the National Eczema Association. Cortizone 10, Neosporin and Tricalm Hydrogel are also recommended.

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What Over-the-Counter Lotions Can Be Used on Facial Eczema?
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Over-the-counter treatments for facial and other eczema take two primary forms: topical corticosteroids and barrier repair moisturizers. Topical corticosteroids contain low levels of hydrocortisone, though prescription versions of similar medications containing higher levels of the potent steroid are also available to treat more severe eczema, as WebMD explains. Barrier repair moisturizers often rely on ceramide, a type of fat, to reduce dryness and itching and help the skin retain moisture; prescription versions of these moisturizers are also available when needed.

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