What Is an Over-the-Counter Eczema Treatment?


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Ointments and creams with hydrocortisone steroids and barrier repair moisturizers are over-the-counter treatments for eczema, states WebMD. Fragrance-free moisturizers can also be used to treat eczema symptoms, such as dryness, that further irritate the skin.

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Over-the-counter topical corticosteroids in ointment and cream form are typically the first steps in eczema treatment, explains WebMD. Over-the-counter topical steroids are mild in strength compared to prescription medicines. Over-the-counter barrier repair moisturizers help to repair damaged skin, lock water into the skin, and reduce itching, dryness and redness. Moisturizers applied immediately after bathing and at night help the skin retain moisture, and wearing cotton gloves and socks increases skin absorption.

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