How Do You Get Over Anxiety?

How Do You Get Over Anxiety?

To get over anxiety, a person needs to take a break from anxiety ridden thoughts, find the worst case scenario, face the fear and make a decision that leads to action according to PsychCentral and the NHS. Seeing a qualified and experienced therapist can also help patients who struggle with debilitating anxiety on a daily basis.

Follow these steps to help assuage anxiety:

Step 1: Take a break from anxiety ridden thoughts

It can be helpful to begin by first taking a break from all of the negative thoughts causing anxiety. Go outside and take a walk for 15 minutes, take a warm bath or listen to a few songs, says the NHS.

Step 2: Return to the thoughts and find the worst case scenario

It may sound counterproductive, but finding the worst case scenario can help reduce anxiety. Often anxiety sufferers make things seem worse than they are and recognizing that the worst is not the end of the world can help ease some of the anxious feelings, according to the NHS.

Step 3: Face the fear

The NHS recommends that if there is a way to face the fear then do. For example, if an individual is afraid to go to a party but knows that they truly want to go, then they should in order to face their fear. Hiding from the fear will only make it worse.

Step 4: Make a decision that leads to action

Anxiety can create fear that makes it difficult for a person to take action. Try to breathe and allow time to think about the situation at hand. Then make a decision, says PsychCentral, so that a positive action can follow.