How Do You Find Out If You Get an Online Prescription From a Doctor?


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You get an online prescription from your doctor if the health care provider uses e-prescriptions and your pharmacy receives them, according to LearnAboutEPrescriptions.com. As of December 2015, 93 percent of pharmacies accept e-prescriptions. If your first-choice pharmacy does not receive them, you may be able to find another local pharmacy that does.

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There are no restrictions on the types of medications available by e-prescription. In fact, physicians can use e-prescriptions even to prescribe controlled substances, explains the U.S. Department of Justice.

To find out if your health care provider uses e-prescriptions or to find a provider who does, go to LearnAboutEPrescriptions.com, and click on the Does Your Doctor E-Prescribe? option. Here, search for your provider, or for any provider that e-prescribes, by searching by state or ZIP code. To find out if your pharmacy receives e-prescriptions, click on the Does Your Pharmacy Accept E-Prescriptions? and repeat the steps for identifying local providers.

E-prescriptions are alternatives to written prescriptions, notes LearnAboutEPrescriptions.com. A health care provider enters the prescription directly into his computer and then sends it to the pharmacy using a private, closed network, meaning that your health information does not travel through the open Internet or as an email. Through these steps, the prescription arrives at the pharmacy before you have left the doctor's office.

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