How Do You Find Out How Many Calories Are in Food?


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To find the calorie content of food, look the food up in an online nutritional database, or read the nutritional label found on the package. Calories are a way of measuring the amount of energy a food delivers to the body, whether it is delivered as fat, protein or carbohydrate.

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The energy obtained from calories is required for the body to perform activities that include work, play and rest. The caloric guidelines are based on someone getting approximately 30 minutes of exercise daily during the week. Calories are meant to provide nutrition, but there are some foods that consist mostly of empty calories and have very little nutritional content, such as fats and sugars.

The number of calories the human body needs daily depends on the person and factors such as age, gender and daily physical activity. Along with a recommendation for total daily intake of calories, there are guidelines for the total number of empty calories that should be consumed. The limit for empty calories is higher for children who are 2 or 3 years of age, because children in this age group have lower nutrient needs and are not required to have the same intake from the basic food groups.

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