How Do You Find Out If a Doctor Is on a Bad List?


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The best way to find out if a doctor has been disciplined is to contact the state medical board in the state where the doctor is practicing, according to ABC News. The Federation of State Medical Boards has a listing for each state, reports New York Daily News.

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Patients may check a doctor's history if the state has report cards for physicians, according to New York Daily News. There are also websites that provide detailed information on disciplinary measures taken against doctors, such as questionabledoctors.org, according to the National Institutes of Health. Prospective patients have the ability to look at medical, ethical and criminal sanctions for over 6,700 doctors in various states.

Another option is to do an Internet search for a particular doctor, according to About.com. Choose a particular doctor and type the name into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Try different search phrases, such as malpractice, lawsuit, disciplinary action or sanction, along with the doctor's name. This type of search often provides patient reviews or public information concerning criminal charges.

It is recommended that patients do not rely solely on a doctor's website for accurate background information, according to About.com. A background check or physician ranking sites may show lawsuits or patient mortality rates, but do not always provide complete information.

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