How Do You Find Out If He Is Cheating?


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Typical ways to determine if a boyfriend or spouse is cheating include checking his cellphone, looking at his Internet history and searching for physical evidence. If an investigation of any of these factors can reveal evidence.

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How Do You Find Out If He Is Cheating?
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The vast majority of cheating communication occurs via cellphone. If a partner suddenly becomes more guarded of his phone, this is a sign that he may have something to hide. A cheater may attempt to hide his text messages or answer falsely when questioned about who he is talking to. Checking through a partner’s phone for text messages or calls to unfamiliar names or numbers is one way to try to expose a cheater.

Checking a partner’s online activity is another way to determine if a partner is cheating. Examining browser history can often reveal who someone has been communicating with online. However, keep in mind that a boyfriend or husband who is attempting to cheat using online platforms may clear the computer's history quite frequently.

Physical evidence can also reveal cheating. Unfamiliar feminine items, such as hairbands or makeup, are signs that a woman was in the home. Unfamiliar perfume smells, strands of hair or colors of smeared makeup on articles of clothing are also significant signs.

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