How Do You Find Out About Burn Bans in Pierce County?


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As of March 2015, you can find out about burn bans in Pierce County by checking the Burn Bans page on the county's website. The page has a link to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, which features the air quality burn ban status for Pierce and several other counties.

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Visit the Pierce County home page, and place the cursor over the Government tab at the top of the page. On the drop down menu that appears, scroll down to All Departments, and then scroll to Departments A-H. Scroll over to Emergency Management, scroll to Fire Marshal, and then click Burn Bans.

This page has information on different types of burn bans, such as fire safety and air quality burn bans. The fire marshal declares fire safety burn bans if the area has had a long period of dry weather. These burn bans are designed to prevent fires. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency determines air quality burn bans. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is also available by phone at 800-552-3565.

The Agency bases air quality burn bans on pollution levels, forecasted conditions and current conditions. Air quality burn bans are designed to keep the air clean and healthy.

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