What Are Other Words for Compliments?


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Other words for compliments when it is used as a noun are commendations, endorsements, acclamations, venerations, accolades, adulations, praises and laurels; when it is used as a verb, other words for compliments are applauds, cajoles, commends, hails, cheers, exalts and extols. These similar words are known as synonyms. Synonyms are words that have nearly the same meaning as another word.

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Words that have the opposite meaning of a word are known as antonyms. Some antonyms of the word compliments when used as a noun are blames, censures, criticisms, disregards, condemnations, disrespects and denunciations. Antonyms of compliments when it is used as a verb are castigates, condemns, debases, denounces, slanders and dishonors.

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