What Other Products Does Steuart Laboratories Sell Other Than Pain Formula?


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In addition to its popular Pain Formula, Steuart Laboratories produces a line of all-natural plant-based creams and lotions to heal wounds and sores on both humans and farm animals. The items made for human use account for a third of the Minnesota company's product line, but represent half of the sales revenue, as reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The company's founder, Gary Steuart, began producing veterinary creams and ointments in 1982, but soon discovered that the farmers buying the products for their livestock were obtaining excellent results by using the products on themselves.

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Steuart Laboratories manufactures its topical-use products from a variety of natural ingredients which include comfrey and propolis. Comfrey is a wide-leaf plant that has been used since the Ancient Greek and Roman eras to help heal wounds. Propolis, which is also known as bee glue, is an antiseptic and a healing stimulant extracted from trees by bees. Honey bees use the glue-like and resinous substance in the construction of their hives. Company founder Gary Steuart has said that the foundation for the growth of his business was his use of natural ingredients rather than petroleum-derived oils in his lotions, creams and ointments.

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