What Other Parts of the Body Does Nerve Pain Affect?


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Nerve pain affects many different parts of the body including the arms, hands, legs, feet and abdominal area of the body, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Nerve pain contributes to the lack of feeling in a body area, strange burning and tingling or pain throughout the body and a weakness in the body.

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Nerve pain is associated with the disease known as "neuropathy," which involves damage to the nerves in the body. This nerve damage can take place within the brain, the spinal cord or outside of these critical areas, . Regardless of where the nerve damage takes place, neuropathy is a serious concern and medical condition. To diagnosis the exact cause of the nerve damage, doctors will order a series of tests that may include biopsies, blood tests, EMGs, electrical nerve conduction tests and X-rays.

Once the cause has been identified, the doctor will prescribe medication to treat the condition. This medication may also be combined with methods to control blood sugar levels, lifestyle changes including avoiding all alcohol and the addition of nutritional supplements to the diet. If the condition is not promptly treated then it will lead to additional pain, trouble walking, a weakness in the limbs and in the core muscles of the body, feet injury and even deformity.

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