What OTC Treatments Can Lower High Blood Pressure?


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Supplements of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium are all available over the counter and help to fight high blood pressure. Managing blood pressure requires multiple treatment options, including diet and lifestyle changes as well as prescription medications in some cases, as stated by Dr. Andrew Weil.

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Conventional high blood pressure treatment involves a combination of strategies, including developing an exercise regimen, losing weight and quitting smoking (if applicable). Some people can control their high blood pressure simply by dropping 10 percent of their body weight. For people who measure higher than 140/90 in their blood pressure even after making lifestyle changes, prescription medications are also an option. Some of the types of prescription medications include diuretics to get surplus salt out of the body, beta blockers to reduce the vigor of heartbeat, ACE inhibitors to slow the production of the blood vessel-narrowing hormone angiotension II, calcium channel blockers, alpha blockers and others, notes Dr. Weil.

Over-the-counter vitamin C supplements help to reduce blood pressure for patients whose high blood pressure is just moderate. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies have been connected with high blood pressure. Adding garlic to the diet can also ease blood vessels, calming blood pressure, reports Dr. Weil.

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