Is Osteoporosis Completely Curable?


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Osteoporosis can be completely cured in the sense that medications, exercise and dietary changes can halt or even reverse the loss of bone strength the condition causes, explains Mayo Clinic. Osteoporosis is not, however, the result of the development of a new disease or condition per se but rather the slow alteration of a continuous lifelong process: the breakdown and reformation of bone. When the replacement of bone tissue does not keep up with its breakdown, osteoporosis develops.

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Is Osteoporosis Completely Curable?
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Because osteoporosis is the result of hormonal and physical changes that alter the balance of normal processes, treatment for the condition must be ongoing to be effective, notes Mayo Clinic. For minor cases of osteoporosis, these treatments can simply be changes in diet and an increase in physical activity. For more severe cases, medications and hormone therapies are necessary. The most common osteoporosis drugs are known as bisphosphonates. The drop in estrogen levels associated with menopause greatly increases women's risk of osteoporosis, so women often receive hormone therapy as well.

The most important nutrients for osteoporosis bone health are calcium and vitamin D, according to Mayo Clinic. Calcium is found in many foods, and the body can create vitamin D through sun exposure, although many people need supplements to maintain adequate amounts.

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