What Is an Orthopedic Walk-in Clinic?


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An orthopedic walk-in clinic provides orthopedic care without requiring an appointment, according to Connecticut Orthopedic Specialists. An injured individual can essentially just walk in to this type of clinic in order to get treatment. The orthopedic medical field treats problems involving the skeletal system and any affected muscles and ligaments, according to Dictionary.com.

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An individual may be able to visit an orthopedic walk-in clinic at hours that a regular clinic would not be open. Walk-in clinics enable immediate care and eliminate long waits in a waiting room. This is beneficial for individuals with orthopedic injuries, as these injuries generally occur without warning and necessitate urgent treatment. An orthopedic walk-in clinic may treat injuries with severity ranging from non-emergency to emergency, depending on the clinic. Injuries treated may include strains, sprains, dislocations, fractures and back pain, according to the Orthopedic Institute.

An individual’s orthopedic injury may be low priority at an emergency room, because there could be various life-threatening injuries requiring the most immediate treatment, explains Connecticut Orthopedic Specialists. A walk-in orthopedic clinic, however, specializes in treating orthopedic injuries and gives them high priority. While orthopedic injuries are generally not life-threatening, they do need swift and quality care. An individual may also be able to avoid the higher costs of an emergency room by receiving orthopedic treatment at a walk-in clinic.

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