What Is an Orthofix Bone Growth Stimulator?


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An Orthofix bone growth stimulator promotes osteogenesis, or bone growth, by providing low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the site of a bone injury, explains Orthofix. A low electrical field at the site of broken or bent bone is typically a naturally occurring event and part of the healing process. In the event that this process does not occur, a doctor may prescribe bone growth stimulation.

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The patient wears the device daily as prescribed by a physician. The physician prescribes the device for a certain amount of time each day. The patient wears the device for the time prescribed in one session or breaks it up throughout the day; a treatment session should be a minimum of one hour, explains Orthofix. The device is small and lightweight, and a patient can go about his daily activities while wearing it. The Orthofix bone growth stimulator can be worn over a brace or clothing and still be effective. The pulsed electromagnetic field provided by the Orthofix bone growth stimulator is similar to the magnetic field emitted by the Earth, and the patient does not feel the electromagnetic pulses.

There are some restrictions for some models of the Orthofix bone growth stimulator. Not all models have been tested on young children, and there are some restrictions for patients with pacemakers and those who may be pregnant, notes Orthofix.

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