What Organs Are Affected by Glioblastoma?


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Organs are not often affected by glioblastoma because the cancer usually remains in the brain and does not spread, but if it does spread it may spread to the heart or lungs, according to New York-Presbyterian Hospital and WebMD. Glioblastoma is a form of brain cancer occurring primarily in adults that results in numerous brain tumors.

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Glioblastoma is a fast-spreading cancer that typically leaves patients with no more than a few months to live unless it is successfully treated. It is considered to be the most aggressive brain cancer, according to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. It comes in two forms: primary and secondary. The primary form is the most aggressive while the secondary form moves at a slightly slower pace. Those patients with the secondary form have a better chance at full recovery. The tumors can be found anywhere in the spine and brain.

The cause of glioblastoma is unknown and recovery is anything but guaranteed, reports the American Brain Tumor Association. Treatment for glioblastoma involves surgery for tumor removal, procedures to eliminate some of the pressure and potentially radiation or chemotherapy. Since the tumor exists within the brain, it can be hard for surgeons to remove it without damaging other important parts of the brain such as memory, movement and language.

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