What Organizations Offer Free Meals to Seniors?


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An organization that offers free meals to seniors is Meals on Wheels. Other services, such as Magic Kitchen and Personal Chef to Go, offer meal services to seniors for a fee, though some seniors may be eligible for a discount. These services can tailor their foods to meet the dietary restrictions of the seniors and are available for delivery or pick up with the meals hot and prepared or frozen.

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Meals on Wheels is the largest national provider of meal services for seniors. The service is one of the only companies that provides food delivery to seniors who are homebound. It also provides services for seniors in group homes and communities. Meals on Wheels does cost money for some seniors, but if the seniors are unable to afford the food, financial aid is available.

Personal Chef to Go offers seniors food that follows the American Heart Association's guidelines for healthy living and a healthy diet. The organization delivers the food frozen directly to the customer's doorstep for $450 a week, as of 2016. It caters meals for seniors who may be single, married or still living with their families; these meals include a variety of ethnic flavors, including Mediterranean, Asian and Latin American.

MagicKitchen.com prides itself on handmade and homemade meals, but the organization can also accommodate any dietary restrictions the senior may have. The organization takes $10 off of every order of $80 or more for seniors.

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