How Do You Order Free Samples of Adult Diapers for Evaluation Purposes?


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As of October 2015, consumers can request free samples from a number of adult-incontinence product manufacturers, including Depend, TENA and Unique Wellness, by completing the online forms on each company's website. The consumer can request a variety of adult diapers, briefs and other incontinence products for evaluation. Because the selection of adult-incontinence products is a highly personal choice, evaluating a selection of samples enables the consumer to make the best decision for his unique needs.

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Depend offers a selection of samples through its website (Depend.com), as well as through its Underwareness campaign, which encourages consumers to feel more confident about their use of adult-incontinence products. Samples may cycle in and out of stock based on availability. Depend samples include Real Fit briefs for men and Silhouette Active Fit briefs for women.

TENA (Tena.us) offers sample kits tailored to the individual user. The company, which has more than 50 years of experience in the adult-incontinence market, manufacturers a variety of products for both men and women, including diapers, belted undergarments and guards.

Unique Wellness (WellnessBriefs.com) offers samples of several of its products, including the Superio brief, absorbent pull-up underwear and the original Wellness brief. Because Wellness products can hold up to 87 ounces of fluid, they require less frequent changing, which reduces the environmental impact.

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