How Do You Order a Refill With Express Scripts?


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Order a refill with Express Scripts by registering or logging into the company website, and looking under the heading, Prescriptions You Can Order Today, to see if there are any prescriptions listed. Alternatively, use the Find A Prescription search at the bottom of the page, as stated by Express Scripts.

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As of 2015, only prescriptions that are eligible for refill or renewal today are listed within the Order Center. If you do not see a prescription listed, you can view the past 18 months of your home delivery prescription history by selecting the Prescription History link on the left side of the page, according to Express Scripts. Use this link, or the search, if you believe that a prescription should be ready for refill but is not showing on the screen.

A refill is a continuation of a prescription that is still in effect. If there are no refills remaining on your prescription, or if it has expired, you must get a new prescription from your doctor to continue home delivery. A renewal request needs to be confirmed by your doctor. This may take up to 48 hours after the request has been received, warns Express Scripts. All eligible refill prescriptions are shipped directly to you after the order is placed.

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