How Is Oral Thrush Treated in Adults?


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Oral antifungal medications in the form of tablets, lozenges or liquids treat oral thrush in healthy adults, according to Mayo Clinic. For adults with weakened immune systems for whom antifungal medications are not effective, doctors may prescribe a drug called amphotericin B to treat thrush.

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How Is Oral Thrush Treated in Adults?
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Oral thrush is a yeast infection that occurs in the mouth, explains WebMD. The candida fungus that causes thrush is normally present in the mouth, but when illness, stress or medications upset the balance of bacteria and microorganisms in the mouth, the candida fungus grows out of control. Thrush normally presents with creamy white lesions on the tongue, interior of the mouth, tonsils, gums and back of the throat. Swallowing may be painful or difficult, and fever may develop if the infection spreads to the lungs, liver or skin. Thrush is more likely to spread in those with compromised immune systems.

Oral thrush is more likely to develop in people who are already ill with diseases such as cancer, HIV or uncontrolled diabetes, notes WebMD. Hormonal changes related to pregnancy can make the development of oral thrush more likely as well. People who take certain medications, such as corticosteroids, antibiotics and birth control pills, are more susceptible to developing oral thrush.

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