What Are Some Options for Unobtrusive Hearing Amplifier Devices?


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The Sonic SuperEar Plus Se7500, Reizen Loud Ear 120db and the Soundhawk are unobtrusive hearing amplifier devices, according to Amazon.com and AARP. Amplifier hearing devices provide hearing assistance to those with hearing loss that does not qualify for hearing aids, explains AARP.

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The Soundhawk personal sound amplifier looks similar to a Bluetooth device and uses a Bluetooth connection to sync with smart phones, which serve as remotes for the devices, notes AARP. A downloadable app allows users to optimize sound settings by choosing the environment for the Soundhawk. The Reizen amplifier uses a single wired earplug, includes a built-in microphone, and picks up sounds up to 100 feet away, reports Amazon.com. The Sonic SuperEar amplifier uses either earplugs or headphones, includes a swiveling microphone, and amplifies sounds from 100 yards away.

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