What Are the Options for Treatment and Removal of Skin Growths?


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The options for treatment and removal of skin growths such as skin tags include freezing them and excising them, according to MedicineNet. Skin tags can also be tied off with a thread and allowed to wither.

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If a mole is troubling a patient because it chafes, is unsightly or might be malignant, a dermatologist can remove it through cutting or shaving it off, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. There are several treatment options if the growth is malignant, says the AAD. It can also be excised with a margin of what looks like healthy skin.

Some cancers respond well to Mohs surgery, in which the cancer is excised layer by layer, examined under a microscope and excised until no more cancerous cells can be found, states the AAD. Malignancies can also be removed by scraped them off using a curette. The area is then cauterized by an electric needle. Other cancerous growths can be removed by chemotherapy applied to the lesion or by cryotherapy, or freezing. Another option for removal is phototherapy, during which a chemical is painted on the lesion then exposed to a special light, which destroys the cancer.

Two home remedies that seem to work on warts are salicylic acid and duct tape, according to WebMD. Dermatologists use cryotherapy, curetage and electrosurgery.

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