What Are Some Options for Treating Pain After Peroneal Tendon Surgery?


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Patients recovering from peroneal tendon surgery can manage pain with oral pain medication that is routinely taken every four hours, explains the Cleveland Clinic. Patients with extreme pain can opt for a nerve block that numbs the affected area of the body or an intravenous patient-controlled analgesia, which is a computerized pump that delivers medication into an IV line, typically in the arm.

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Physicians may also recommend a patient-controlled epidural analgesia to manage pain following surgery, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The epidural catheter is attached to a PCA pump and administers sedating medication while patients are recovering from surgery.

People recovering from peroneal tendon surgery must restrict activity to allow the tendon to heal and minimize pain, explains the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society. The recovery begins with bed rest as patients are instructed not to bear weight on the foot for a minimum of six weeks. Months or weeks of physical therapy ensue after the six-week time period or when recommended by an orthopaedic specialist or surgeon. It is crucial that patients get adequate rest and reduce activity to prevent a tear from developing in the tendon or to prevent chronic thickening that can cause excess pain.

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