What Are Some Options for Relieving Sciatica Pain?


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Over-the-counter medicines, such as acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen, often relieve sciatica pain, according to WebMD. Prescription pain medicine and antidepressants may also help treat sciatica pain.

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What Are Some Options for Relieving Sciatica Pain?
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If sciatica symptoms are not severe but persist for several weeks despite taking pain medication, a doctor may have a patient perform physical therapy, states WebMD. The doctor recommends specific exercises depending where the pain is coming from and could prescribe working with a physical therapist or a physiatrist. If symptoms persist or are severe, a doctor may recommend surgery. The type of surgery depends on what is causing a person's pain. For example, pain caused by a herniated disk often requires back surgery to relieve pressure on the affected nerves.

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