What Are Some Options for Getting a Free Diabetes Meter?

Free blood glucose meters are available from OneTouch, Accu-Chek and Nova Biomedical. Many manufacturers give away free glucose meters to potential customers online because they expect them to continue purchasing their brands of test strips, according to GoodRx.

OneTouch's website has promotional offers for diabetes supplies, including free blood glucose meters. To qualify for a free meter, visit the website and fill out a form with contact information, including address and phone number, and answer a few questions about diabetes management and past use of glucose meters.

Accu-Chek also offers certificates for free blood glucose meters online that are redeemable at a pharmacy. The company also has a patient support program that offers support, tools and discounts on test strips for low-income customers.

Abbott Diabetes Care offers free blood glucose meters for those who enroll in its FreesStyle Promise Program online. Patients enroll by providing contact information and answering questions about how they manage their diabetes and their insurance or reimbursement. In addition to free blood glucose meters, low-income patients may also be eligible to receive low-cost testing strips.

Nova Biomedical offers a free blood glucose and ketone monitoring system when customers purchase two boxes of blood glucose or ketone test strips from the company, according to Nova's official website. Customers can also receive free shipping from the website with the purchase of four boxes.