What options are available for buying Ideal Protein products online?


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Ideal Protein does not offer its products for online purchase; qualified professionals associated with clinics affiliated with Ideal Protein offer a complete weight-loss program that incorporates the drink, meal and snack products. The program combines weight-loss and healthy lifestyle education to achieve sustained results.

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Ideal Protein was developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh and has evolved over more than two decades. The program focuses on insulin imbalance resulting from a diet heavy in saturated fats and sugar. Insulin is the hormone that controls the transportation of triglycerides into and out of fat cells. Overproduction of insulin can prevent access to stored fat reserves and result in hypoglycemia, which produces sugar cravings and results in weight gain.

The Ideal Protein program approaches weight-loss by restricting simple and complex carbohydrates and increasing high-quality protein in the diet. An increase in protein intake and absorption supports the body in maintaining muscle mass while burning fat reserves. The preservation of muscle mass is crucial in the body's ability to sustain weight loss over time. In addition to a protein-rich diet, the program employs supplements to provide electrolytes and key vitamins and minerals necessary for muscle production, which would otherwise come from the foods restricted in the program.

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