What Options Do You Have After a Botched Cataract Eye Surgery With Toric Lense Implants?


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People who suspect a botched cataract surgery with Toric Lense implants have several options, including talking with their doctor, getting a second opinion and consulting with an attorney, according to lawyers at Avvo. Doctors expect surprises after surgery and are supposed to work with the patient, notes Review of Ophthalmology.

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The first thing for a person to do after suspecting a botched cataract surgery is to schedule a follow-up examination with the doctor, explains AVOO. The follow-up exam can help determine what went wrong with the surgery and provide evidence for a potential malpractice suit if one is necessary. If the surgeon determines that there is a problem with the lens, then a products liability lawsuit can be filed. If the problem is with a botched surgery, it does not mean that the surgeon committed malpractice, as doctors cannot guarantee the success of every surgical procedure. If malpractice is suspected, the next step is to get a second opinion from another doctor for confirmation.

In the case of suspected medical malpractice, the best course of action is to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney in the area where the incident occurred. Malpractice is based on the quality of care given by a doctor and the damages that result from that quality of care. If it is found that the doctor provided a below-average standard of care with associated damages, then there are grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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