How Do Optifast Shakes Help You Lose Weight?


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Optifast shakes aid in weight loss by providing dieters with a low-calorie meal replacement that still supplies a balanced blend of necessary vitamins and minerals. Optifast shakes are consumed as part of the 18-week Optifast weight-loss program.

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Optifast offers a complete weight-loss program that includes a strict meal-replacement diet, followed by medical monitoring and counseling. The company produces a number of other weight-loss aids including soup mixes, bars and vitamin supplements. These products can be used as occasional meal replacements or as part of the complete program.

Optifast shakes are most effective when used as part of the complete Optifast weight-loss program. For the first 12 weeks of the program, users consume a diet strictly consisting of Optifast meal replacements, including shakes. The diet aids in weight loss by removing food choices that may lead to overeating. This phase also reduces the patient's overall caloric intake while maintaining adequate vitamin and mineral intake.

Optifast shakes are available in ready-to-drink servings, or as a powder mix. Those choosing to follow the program combine the powder with water or another healthy beverage to make an Optifast meal replacement. The Optifast website also provides a number of drink recipes using the Optifast shake powder.

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