What Is the Operation Procedure for Rectocele Repair?


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During surgical repair for a rectocele, also known as a posterior prolapse, doctors operate from within the vagina, removing excess stretched tissue so that the vagina can once again hold its shape, explains Mayo Clinic. If necessary, doctors also install a surgical mesh patch to reinforce the wall between the vagina and the rectum. Doctors generally perform surgery only for severe cases where the prolapse protrudes from the vagina and recommend performing it after a woman has stopped having children.

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Rectocele is a condition where the front wall of the rectum protrudes into the vagina through the weakened barrier of fibrous tissue that usually holds it back, says Mayo Clinic. Minor cases often produce no symptoms at all, but possible symptoms include difficulty defecating and a soft bulge of tissue within the vagina. Treatments for less severe cases of rectocele include losing weight, Kegel exercises and the use of a pessary. Kegel exercises are exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, which include those that stop urination. A pessary is a ring made of plastic or rubber that supports the vaginal wall.

Risk factors for rectocele include childbirth, obesity and aging, explains Mayo Clinic. Genetics can also contribute to the condition, as some women are born with weaker connective tissue.

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